Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fits & Starts

Went to a gem fair yesterday and came home with a few goodies, although mostly I just restocked some supplies. Gem fairs are always so fun, even if a lot of the stuff is the same time after time. I always look forward to seeing some of the vendors and seeing what new things they are excited about. I got some fantastic crystals to make into pendants that I think are going to be very nice.

I got some new things made and am sifting through and editing photos so can get them listed. One of them is this -

I suspect the pendant is some kind of calcite or maybe even chalcedony shot through with streaks of carnelian but that's just a guess. Whatever it is, I think it's gorgeous. I paired it with serpentine, carnelian, red jasper and some fire agate and gave it a silver wire bail. I'm quite pleased with it.

I've also added a new street fair to the summer line-up. I'll be at the Multnomah Days Festival in Multomah Village in Portland on August 21st from 10-5. I've decided against vending at the Hawthorne Street Fair this year but I will be going just to hang out and have fun.

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