Friday, May 29, 2009

and, by the way...

There were so many talented artists at Last Thursday last night and it occurred to me that I want to start posting some pics of other people's stuff here too. So, to kick things off, here are some cool things that my friend Frost is experimenting with. Bicycle pouches, belts, wrist straps, bags, cell phone holders, etc. all made out of used and upcycled bike tubes and tires and truck inner tubes. I am currently sporting a fetching double-stitched bike tube wrist strap that is very, very comfy. The thing I like about them is that all of the marks and writing and whatall is still there so they are all unique.

May's Last Thursday on Alberta St. in Portland, OR

Wow! Last Thursday was a blast and a half. We were thrilled to learn that the city is now closing Alberta Street to cars - parking and driving - between 15th Ave. and 30th Ave. from 6pm to 10pm. Since it was a first attempt things were initially a little messy but once the cars finally cleared out it was wonderful. :D It was sunny and downright hot but there were some nice breezes to take the worst of it away when the sun really started to beat down. The place was buzzin and I was exhausted but very happy when I dropped into bed last night. Of course, some of that buzzin might have been the 32 oz Rock Star of Doom ("massive size") that I picked up on the way there. Hey, everyone has their vices. Some of my newer pieces got some really nice, positive feedback so I am pleased that other people like them as much as I do. My new goal before the next show is to devise a method of storing and setting up my necklaces that doesn't require so much fussing and detangling, etc.. Also, I need to figure out a way to anchor my earring display to its riser so it doesn't turn into a big scary kite (the downside of those summer breezes). I tried to get a few photos to capture the fantastic energy of the night but everything was moving, moving, moving so I'm afraid they're a bit blurry. I'm already looking forward to June!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Thursday on Alberta St. in April

Last Thursday was a lot of fun! I set up at a cozy spot near 24th across from a place called The Alley, the weather was absolutely perfect and lots of happy people were out and about enjoying the day. I was able to road test my new earring display prototype and, overall, was very pleased with how it worked out. Now to fine tune the design and make more. :) My next outing will be May's Last Thursday on May 28th.